Zakład usług geologicznych

We offer following elaborations:






GEO-BUD Geological Service Company was established in January 1991 in Lodz. The company employs leading specialists who have several years of experience and practice in engineering geology. The geologists and also field workers have qualifications and authorization in the supervision of geological reports. Moreover, they have some practice in the researches conducted abroad in accordance with the standards valid in the USA and the other Western European countries (ASTM and BS).
We prepare geological ground investigations, fulfill the geotechnical and geology-engineering reports for the following building investments: office buildings, housing estates, single-family houses, halls, worehouse, roads and bridges, urban seweages, water supply systems and wind power stations.
GEO-BUD Geological Service Company which has been operating on Polish market since January 1991 in Lodz specialises in the followings works:

  • projects in the scope of engineering-geology
  • ground investigations (small diameter boring, trial pits, trial pits of foundations) indispensable to determine geotechnical parameters of ground crucial to calculate foundation,
  • elaboration of geological-engineering, geotechnical expertise, geotechnical reports and evaluation of ground-water conditions,
  • geotechnical reports for home sewage treatment and individual houses,
  • soil laboratory tests
  • investigation of relative density of backfill,
  • dynamic and static ground tests,
  • geological boring
  • complex geotechnical supervision during the realization of buildings,
  • professional geotechnical advice and geotechnical expertise,
  • investigation of already existing building foundations,
  • reports of landfill slope stability,
  • reports of ground and water contamination,


GEO-BUD Geological Service Company executed more than 2000 geotechnical and geology-engineering reports in the area of Poland – for example:

  • Łódź – ul. Matejki; Place of  Wydz. Zarządzania UŁ,
  • Wola Bykowska – Bielsad Orchard,
  • Radomsko –  Indesit Company Polska,
  • Działoszyn – Cementownia WARTA; modernisation and build-up (5 reports),
  • Road nr 71,
  • Łódź – ul. Pomorska; Place of  Wydział Filologiczny UŁ,


Krzysztof Piela and Bartosz Stępień heartily invite to cooperate with GEO-BUD Geological Service Company.